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Post  Maiku Kaito on Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:25 pm

Byond Key: Goldfish77

Name: Mike Degan

Character Name: Maiku Kaito

Years on Byond: 4-5

# of games i was admin and gm on: I have owned two games and was a admin and GFX and enforcer in 3 other games all naruto.

why i think i should i get this job?

I think i should get this job because im very reliable iam able to get on at all hours and help manage the game and im also a accomplished at GFX and im Not one of those guys who will ignore a player because i get annoyed alot i will help players and will not give any benefits to any players who ii know and just be an all around good Game manager or admin or Enforcer or GFX admin.

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