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Post  Gaarakoi on Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:05 pm

IGN: Gaarakoi
Key: Gaarakoi
Real Name: Gary.
How Many Times You've Been GM: Iv'e been GM in some Naruto Birth of the legendary shinobi servers,gm in dragonball gekisen,and many more i can't even count XD,Iv'e been GM in some maplestory servers too.
Are You Currently A GM on another Game: Nope.
More Info:
Age:17 and 11 months ;P(Jan 28th my bday ;D)
Hobbits:play Naruto:Akatsuki Takeover,read naruto manga,watch naruto anime,hangout,play games.
Online Time: I study 3 hours per day so so after 11:00 pm est im free all day and half the night


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