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Post  Rigaho on Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:40 pm

There was no Application template so i will just create one for myself

In-Chareter Name :Regalado Joshua/Rigaho

Byond Account Key: Rigaho/Fabez

Admin/GM past : I have been Admin on games before mainly pokemon. I wasn't just given the admin spot i am an iconner. Games I hace iconned for were PWO [Pokemon World Online], Pokemon Team Riot, Pokemon Regions. Games owners were Yeckir, Inutushos, and K3sharr. But i didn't only do pokemon. I am a very good iconner in my thaughts. Although i can create turf and map i am an ameture at it. I have also helped bleach and naruto rips attempt to become an original. Only one of them is still in process. That sums up my past of GM and admin i suppose.

Reasons of wanting a Admin/GM spot:I've played NOFS [Naruto Online Fireshadow] for a while now and i would like to help out. I can try my best to create more items, hair, clothes, whatever the game could need help with. I may not have written much but please consider my posting. Thankyou for actually reading this if you did.


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