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Post  Rai Uchiha on Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:19 pm

Byond Key: Kakashi Hatake White Fang

Name: James Rowe

Character Name: Rai Uchiha

Years on Byond: 2-3

Experiance - Yes I Have had Experiance, I have owned 2 Naruto Games Which are Purley Rp On my Other account known as SuperGamerBoy, And I Was a GM On A Few Dragonball Z Games, I Promise not to abuse.

Why? - I Think i should get this job because I am very dilligent and very enforcive, I am also a GFX Artist, I Will not abuse my powers, and i promise to enforce the game.

Thank you. - Rai is a good boy.
Rai Uchiha
Rai Uchiha

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