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Post  Crosto on Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:43 pm

Uh u didnt say wat i should be puttin down so ima wing it Smile

Name on game: Hokomashi Crosto

Account Spadez000

experince:(lol 2 lazy 2 write dem out loud) Nsot,Nwots,Nr3,Nwots,Nso and more. Ive been playin Fire Shadow since da day it came out.. Ive always helped every1 an i didnt even have gm verbs but tried my hardest.

The reason why i want 2 become an Admin/Gm/Maybe co owner Very Happy : I belive i would be an asset to the game. I listen 2 everyone and repsect dem like der on my lvl, but if dey step out da line, im a cus dem out, jus keepin it real


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