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Post  Zaine on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:36 pm

~ Eh, why not, since I have a few minutes to spare today.

Key: Darkpulse

In Game Name(s): Sendo, Joutei

Role playing Experience: I've been role playing for quite a long time, I'd say at least three and a half years. The reason I got into role playing was because of how entertaining, and exhilarating it was, especially the part where people show off their knowledge of the English language..That's not the only reason, it also creates an imagery when role playing, to it seems like you're experiencing forehand.

Why me? Well I don't really mind if I don't become a Moderator, since I will in fact play the game anyway.
- I put the need of other people first.
- Tend to set a good example.
- I like Oreos..
- I am active.

Experience: Eh, rather not post my experiences, even though they're worthy, of becoming a Moderator.

Years On Byond: Eh, Don't know, I don't keep track.

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